JSOC Catalogues Selection

Select spacecraft or catalogues by clicking the checkboxes. You may select more than one spacecraft and more than one catalogue type. Selecting no spacecraft or catalogue counts as all of them. Products are not available for all combinations of Spacecraft and Catalogue Type. For example, Predicted Geometric Positions (PGP) are only available for Cluster (no specific). You can also restrict the search by date using the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' boxes (use a YYYY-MM-DD format). Press the 'Reset' button to clear the selections and 'Submit' when ready to continue. See Database Contents for data availability.

Spacecraft Catalogue Type
Cluster 1 (Rumba) Identified Scientific Events (ISE)
Cluster 2 (Salsa) Predicted Scientific Events (PSE)
Cluster 3 (Samba) Predicted Magnetic Position (PMP)
Cluster 4 (Tango) Predicted Solar Cycle Trends (PCY)
Centroid Predicted Geometric Positions (PGP)
Cluster (no specific) Start Date
End Date 


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