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Spacecraft Instrument
Cluster 1 (Rumba) ASPOC - Active Spacecraft Potential Control
Cluster 2 (Salsa) CIS - Cluster Ion Spectrometry Experiment
Cluster 3 (Samba) DWP - Digital Wave Processing Experiment
Cluster 4 (Tango) EDI - Electron Drift Instrument
EFW - Electric Fields and Waves
Start Date FGM - Flux Gate Magnetometer (to 2005-12-31, More...)
End Date  PEACE -Plasma Electron and Current Experiment
RAPID - Imaging Particle Spectrometer
STAFF - Spatial/Temporal of Field Fluctuations
WHISPER - Sounder and HF Wave Analyser Experiment

Validated CSDS FGM magnetic field prime parameter data products are not available for the extended mission (from 2006-01-01) because reduced funding for the FGM team at Imperial College no longer allows the validation procedure to be supported. Unvalidated data products (UP) are available, but additional caution should be observed when using these products. More...

To include unvalidated prime parameter (UP) products in your search, select the instrument above and also click here. Additional caution should be observed when using UP products.

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