CSDSweb Quicklook Plots - Development

This page provides information on the development of the CSDSweb Quicklook Plots website. Including current status of the system and some information about planned changes and updates.

Date Comment
2001-10-09 Events list has been updated to include the periods selected for the Cluster workshop held at ESTEC on 3rd-5th Oct, 2001.
2001-10-08 Fixed a bug in the image map on the magnetic footprint page that prevented Netscape users from being able to select the quicklook plot by clicking on the ephemeris plots. Also, a link to the NASA/SPOF key parameter plot for ACE has been added to the active links
2001-09-27 A new version of the CIS processing software has been installed and will be used with new data downloaded from now on and for any re-processing of the CIS data. This version includes improved calibration data.
2001-08-30 A list of conjunctions between Cluster and the NASA GGS/Polar spacecraft has been produced using the NASA SSC Query tool. The list can be access via the Events page.
2001-08-09 A new plot type called "Particles #2" has been added that includes energetic proton and electron from RAPID (along with CIS, FGM and PEACE data).
2001-08-08 The RAPID PI has provided software for the production of energetic ion and electron spectra.
2001-08-01 The spectrogram plots are now labeled with the spacecraft used to generate the data. Line plots are colour coded according to spacecraft ID as described on the plot description page.
2001-07-30 New version of the CIS production software used to produce the ion spectra data has been installed.
2001-07-12 An orbit and configuration plot type has been added to CSDSweb. This shows an orbit plot with expanded constellation configurations at several points through the orbit. The relative location of the constellations is shifted slightly in each orbit to provide a better indication of how the configuration varies through a typical orbit. An animated gif of the orbit/configuration evolution over 150 orbits is also available (1.5 MB gif).
2001-07-06 The spacecraft used for production of CIS parameters has been switched back to SC3 (from SC4). This avoids the confusion caused by significant time lags between the different spacecraft due to the increased constellation separation for the first tail traversal. However, CIS on SC3 is sometimes operated in RPA mode during which normal data taking is interupted. This will appear on the plots as a zero count spectrogram (black bar).
2001-03-28 There have been some minor changes to the access to PP/SP data using the links at the bottom of the quicklook pages. These include change in plot order so that all plots from each spacecraft are grouped together (previously plots were grouped by instrument). The other change is a zoom function on the plots so that clicking on a plot will re-center on that point in time and regenerate the plot.
2001-03-19 The CSDSweb plot update frequency has been reduced to avoid problems with overloading the CDDS.
2001-01-30 Added link to the Cluster Locator from the CSDSweb Quicklook top page.
2001-01-29 At the request of the CIS team, the spacecraft used for the production of CIS products has been changed from SC3 (Samba) to SC4 (Tango). This is because SC4 is in a more suitable mode to collect the solar wind data.
2001-01-25 The panels EFW and CIS Ion Speed on the Overview plot have been swapped so that the two CIS panels are now adjacent. The scale on the EFW plot has been modified slightly as has the Ion Density scale on the Particles plot. All quicklook plots have been regenerated using the the existing data files. Note: some of these files were generated using older versions of the PI pipeline software.
2001-01-23 Under netscape the forward and backward controls on the magnetic footprint plot would return an Overview plot. This was a problem with a limit check not being updated when the new plot was added (resulting in multiple list select commands, handled differently by IE and Netscape). The limit check has now been fixed and the navigation buttons should work as for the other plots.

There was also a problem with the L (size) configuration parameter on the footprint plot where the values for the first day in the month were replotted for all subsequent days in that month. This bug has been fixed and the plots regenerated.

Originally the time period passed to CDMS (e.g for the orbit plot) was set to the whole day corresponding to the start date of the plot. The software has been updated so the start/end date and times are passed to CDMS. This means that period that CDMS plots is now consistent with the quicklook plot.
2001-01-12 The configuration of the web server has been modified to turn off keep-alive connections. This should reduce some of the apparent stalling of quicklook plot downloads.
2001-01-11 Data access to the DDS has been suspended during real time CIS commissioning activities on RUMBA. During this time new data will not be available to the quicklook system and plots will not be updated. Normal access is expected to resume at about 19:00 on 12th.
2001-01-08 The CSDSweb quicklook plot site has been opened up to the public. Instrument teams who have been using the development site should switch to the public site from now on. The password on the development site will be changed at the end of this month.

Planned Software Changes

The following features have been suggested and may be implemented if sufficient users indicate an interest.


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